Ron and Lisa: the animals

Ron and Lisa have two very sweet pets: Prissy the cat and Lola the dog.

Lola loves to play! We had her outside running around in the snow.

Playing the jumping game with Ron

Waiting to come inside and join her friends


I loved how she blended in with the colors of their staircase

Playtime with Prissy!

We also went to visit one of Ron and Lisa’s friends who had two very sweet kitties

Ron and Lisa: the portraits

A couple weeks ago I took a weekend jaunt out to the Cleveland area to visit my friends Ron and Lisa. They had been inviting me for well over a year and I finally was able to go! This will be a three-part post with the large number of photos. First up: my portraits! I was inspired by the light in their house and wanted to make use of it.

Ron gave me an odd look as I called him into the bathroom for this shot, but they had an awesome skylight there!

This is in their uninsulated attic, and I originally had Ron wrap his arms around Lisa just to keep her warm, but I love the results!

Power shot.

Another favorite spot to shoot: parking garages.