I spent this gorgeous fall day outside photographing Jim!


I toured around Humboldt Park with Brian on a sunny (though not always warm) afternoon in search of intriguing backgrounds.

He had his trumpet out for a few shots (you may remember Brian from an earlier post about his band, Doppler Shift)

Some of my favorites: a playground!

I love that my subjects are willing to do things (mostly) without question


I met up with John in Wicker Park at a fabulous loft where he was house/cat sitting for the weekend. I loved this place!

I loved the shapes of this fan I shot through

We called this his album cover shot

He was cracking me up with his raising one eyebrow talent

And of course, the kitty he was sitting. She was very sweet until she decided she was done being affectionate, at which point she bit me. That’s what I get for playing with her while she was trying to nap.

Christon and Christine

My brother and his girlfriend were in Chicago a couple weeks ago (yay!), and we all headed out to visit Grandma where our aunt, uncle, and cousins joined us for the afternoon.

Grandma is always marveled by new technology; here’s Christine demonstrating features on her iPod.

Seamus enjoying his ice cream

Violet’s tasty sundae

I did a few portraits of Christon on our walk outside

A very cool wall right by my house