It’s time for adorable Ceres once again! I just love all her expressions.

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of me yet.

Munching on mom’s cheek

so cute!


Caroline is one!

She was in quite the serious mood for a while, which I was enjoying.

Her little hair curl was adorable.

Back to the changing table, where I’ve shot her since she was a newborn!

Mom really wanted to put her in this adorable dress, but she’s such a tiny little girl that she was completely swimming in it. Maybe when she’s 2 she’ll fit into it!

Playground time!

Mom and dad told me she loved to push this little scooter around, which she certainly did!

Sophia and Lydia

Sweet Sophia and Lydia are full of energy and so much fun to photograph! These two girls are the children of my dear friend Heather and her husband Michael. I spent a couple fun days with them in Kentucky.

I was getting dizzy just watching Sophia as she spun around as fast as possible.

I can now add fencing with sticks while photographing to my résumé

The girls decided their beaded necklace would look lovely on the kitty. I agree.

Lydia is ready to work, pink polka dotted boots and all!

mom and Aunt Michelle comforting Sophia

sisterly cuteness!



Jen, James, and Piper

A few family photos of one of my oldest friend, Jen, with her husband and little daughter. This was the first time I was able to meet Piper, and what a little cutie she is!

Lincoln Park Zoo familiy portrait

Off to the zoo! My friend Ande hired me to photograph her and her parents, and we had a great time! Lots of laughter on this session.

baby Caroline

Caroline has returned!

Such a happy baby!

I love this expression she’s giving me

Squish the baby!

Family summer fun

Last month my dad and all his brothers were in town for my uncle’s grand birthday celebration. It’s always a fun time when everyone gets together!

Every time all the brothers gather, they recreate a photo that was taken of them as kids. If one of them is absent, they simply use a broom or zucchini or something as a stand-in for the missing brother.

We took a trip down to Millennium Park

cousin Seamus!

A little playtime in the park with Vandhana and her sweet dog, Shivani

Careful of that beard, Mark

Violet is done for the afternoon

Seamus is fascinated by the iPhone, especially the bubble wrap app that dad had installed

Kitty time!

Fun in the pool

Fun times with my cousins in the pool!


Violet loves to ham it up for the camera

Final Syracuse images

The rest of the Syracuse batch! My random finds throughout the weekend.

Interesting doors at night

Some lit-up tree branches

My brother at the local Starbucks

Janna’s cat, Mango

Cool stairwell leading up to Janna’s room




Over a month ago I traveled to Syracuse to cheer on my sister Janna as she completed her graduation requirement, her Senior Recital on bassoon. I figured she needed a few portraits in her recital dress (which she made herself).

And then a few not in her recital dress.