Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center in Brooklyn

I visited the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center in Brooklyn last week for the upcoming CRAVE book. They specialize in cooking and educational classes for adults and kids; check them out!

I loved the look of the kitchen: so bright and welcoming
Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

Beautiful herb paintings by the owner’s sister-in-law
Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn

The lovely owner, Nissa.
Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn portrait Nissa Pierson

Her dog, Sadie, was following us around during part of the shoot, so I figured she needed her time in the spotlight as well.
Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Brooklyn dog

Becca and Lucy

My sister Becca adopted a super sweet lab mix named Lucy, so naturally a portrait session of the two of them was necessary.

Becca loves how Lucy’s ears perk up sometimes, so I was making various animals noises to cause it.


What’s this large brown dog over here? Time to sniff it out.

I love her adorable smile here!

Janna and Cassie

While I was back in Maine for Christmas I did some fun portraits of my sister Janna and her sweet dog Cassie. Cassie is new member of the household, and came to her through the Collie Rescue League of New England.

Beautiful Cassie!

Cassie has decided to take ownership of Janna

I love these next two as a series


Both Janna and Cassie trying out the new dog bed

Cassie was expressing her pleasure that Janna had arrived home

Janna imitating Cassie’s expression

A Maine visit

The horses and dogs of my family in Maine!

Mom took me out driving with one of her horses (which I had never done); here’s Janna distracting the horse will we climb in the cart. I enjoy the super serious look.

The super serious look did not last long at all.

The view from my seat

I felt a bit sick from the driving, which mom attributed to spending most of my time looking through a camera lens instead of watching the road. Perhaps she has a point.

Lens flare is fun!

Bonus points if you can identify this

Hello beautiful light!

Nap time with the pooch.

Hilary and Ella

Last weekend I took a little jaunt to Des Moines to visit my good friend Hilary, where I got to meet her super sweet dog Ella.

We took a trip to the local dog park with Ella’s best friend, Hoosier.

Mehndi Party

My friend KC hosted a Mehndi party last month where all got to try painting henna on each other.

Some of us tried painting on ourselves

Here’s KC decorating a foot

A finished design!

Here’s mine! KC did all the decorations on my hand. I painted a design on my wrist, but it wasn’t nearly as pretty as KC’s.

KC’s dog, Petra, wasn’t quite sure what to make of all these new people around.

Enjoying some down time with KC and her roommate, Priya.

Ron and Lisa: the animals

Ron and Lisa have two very sweet pets: Prissy the cat and Lola the dog.

Lola loves to play! We had her outside running around in the snow.

Playing the jumping game with Ron

Waiting to come inside and join her friends


I loved how she blended in with the colors of their staircase

Playtime with Prissy!

We also went to visit one of Ron and Lisa’s friends who had two very sweet kitties

Christmas in Maine

I had a wonderful visit with my family back in Maine. Here’s a rather random collection of my time there.

Ivan was so kind to settle down in some lovely light

and then settle in Janna’s lap

Christmas morning… we decided mom needed some dogs to help wake her up. She obviously agreed.

So we brought all three!

My sisters and I made Christmas brunch, and here is Janna’s beautiful fruit plate creation

The day after Christmas we had a dinner for 11, and Janna and her boyfriend had fun making creative appetizers

Lobster dinner! Yum.

Ivan… no!

Mom’s sweet horse Sinna

Horsey butt!

Dad helping mom prepare Sinna for some driving on the road

Sinna and mom!

My brother made his girlfriend lots of origami creations for Christmas

California Trip

After my Hawai’i trip, my parents and I flew to San Francisco together to extend our vacation.

We stayed with my parents’ friends in San Anselmo, and I adored their sweet dog

I had never been to the redwood forests, so I threw mom in the photo for some scale on this giant tree stump

some lovely seaweed

we visited a few horse ranches

a rather foggy day in San Francisco

the seals!

sfmoma (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

this amused me


And some of the cute poochies!

Skye and Rozzie playing together

Beautiful Marggie

I love when the animals sit down in lovely light!

Skye enjoying the dirt