A Maine mini session with Janna and Joel

My other sister Janna and her boyfriend Joel also stopped by for a visit at Becca and Kyle’s house while I was there. More portraits!

maine earring

maine portrait

This was the first time I was able to see Janna’s tattoo in completion
maine tattoo arm

maine tattoo arm

Janna and Joel showing me their salsa moves they had just learned in class
maine laughing couple back lit

maine laughing couple back lit

playing with the beautiful light
maine silhouette woman

maine sun flare back lit couple

maine sun flare back lit couple

Jen and Mike’s engagement

Just before I moved to NYC I spent a beautiful morning with Jen and Mike in downtown Chicago for their engagement portrait session.

I saw this bike rack and thought it would be cute to have them sit in it, not realizing exactly how super tiny each opening was. So this is them attempting to squeeze themselves in. Thanks for playing along!


Awesome dinosaur sculpture in Millennium Park

Sarah and Bob

I love to do “just because” portrait sessions with couples. You don’t ever need a particular event to set up portraits! I spent time with Sarah and Bob at their house downtown, then explored Michigan Ave with them.

I love the lines of this shot

We roped their cat Annie into a few of the shots.

Bob’s expression is great here!

Karen + Bryan = 3

My good friends Karen and Bryan are expecting their first little munchkin, and I’m so happy for them! Can’t wait to meet the little one, you two!

There was lots of laughter


Bryan the model, show us how it’s done

So Karen and I share a love of fun socks (I don’t ever wear plain colored socks), and I was quite impressed with her selection for the day.

Becca and Kyle

I had wonderful visit with my sister Becca and her boyfriend Kyle a few weeks back. I took them on a little walk around my neighborhood for some fun photos.

Aww… aren’t they cute?

I love this little series

David and Emily

David and Emily were so cute and fun to work with.

I was having fun with walls for this session.

This one makes me smile 🙂

Jill and Lou’s engagement

I strolled the streets of downtown Chicago with Jill and Lou over the weekend; it was so beautiful out! They were so comfortable in front of the camera (or at least appeared so!); laughter was a constant state for them.

I love having my couples dip! I kept telling them it’s great practice for their first dance.

“Can you guys go squeeze into that small space together?” “Sure! No problem!”

Ron and Lisa: around town

Ron and Lisa took me on a few tours of their neighboring towns. They were very cute!

We stopped into a fantastic cupcake shop, Main Street Cupcakes. If you’re ever near Hudson, Ohio, you must stop there! We arrived near their closing time when they only had three flavors remaining; apparently we should have gone for breakfast. Here are Ron and Lisa playing around as I enjoyed my treat.

Mmmm… yum! The plates and placemats they served them on were adorable!


A fun toy we played with at a coffee shop

Ron holding his post-cupcake snack

I loved playing with this crystal at their friend’s house.

Ron and Lisa: the portraits

A couple weeks ago I took a weekend jaunt out to the Cleveland area to visit my friends Ron and Lisa. They had been inviting me for well over a year and I finally was able to go! This will be a three-part post with the large number of photos. First up: my portraits! I was inspired by the light in their house and wanted to make use of it.

Ron gave me an odd look as I called him into the bathroom for this shot, but they had an awesome skylight there!

This is in their uninsulated attic, and I originally had Ron wrap his arms around Lisa just to keep her warm, but I love the results!

Power shot.

Another favorite spot to shoot: parking garages.

Jill and Andrew's engagement

I met up with Jill and Andrew at the Harold Washington Library downtown. I’ve always loved that building and thought it would be fun to play in (quietly, of course).

We explored downtown for a bit after finishing up at the library.