Christmas in Maine

I had a wonderful visit with my family back in Maine. Here’s a rather random collection of my time there.

Ivan was so kind to settle down in some lovely light

and then settle in Janna’s lap

Christmas morning… we decided mom needed some dogs to help wake her up. She obviously agreed.

So we brought all three!

My sisters and I made Christmas brunch, and here is Janna’s beautiful fruit plate creation

The day after Christmas we had a dinner for 11, and Janna and her boyfriend had fun making creative appetizers

Lobster dinner! Yum.

Ivan… no!

Mom’s sweet horse Sinna

Horsey butt!

Dad helping mom prepare Sinna for some driving on the road

Sinna and mom!

My brother made his girlfriend lots of origami creations for Christmas

Christmas in Maine

I had a great time visiting family and friends back east over the Christmas week.

Christmas 1
Our church had luminarias lighting the walkway on Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2
I’ve always loved the dramatic lighting on the organ loft. That’s my mom at the organ and my sister Janna on the bassoon.

Christmas 3
Christmas morning we made brunch for everyone; this is the lovely fruit salad Janna created.

Christmas 6

Christmas 7
No household should be without chickens roaming free on the front patio.

Christmas 8
Zoe, the shyest kitty, held by the brother

Christmas 9
Ruby, a foster dog from the animal shelter I photographed that week

Christmas 10

Christmas 4
Stormy, the oldest cat; named so because he was found after Hurricane Bob of 1991

Christmas 5
Solo, the youngest; a foster kitten from the animal shelter


I visited my sister in her new hometown of Houlton, Maine right before Christmas. Where is Houlton, you ask? Follow highway 95 all the way north; if you’ve reached customs you’ve gone 2 minutes too far. She just started her first job there as a 5 – 12 music teacher, so I followed her around a bit in her schools.

Houlton 1
Becca with her 7th and 8th grade chorus

Houlton 2
An attentive chorus member

Houlton 3
Between school assemblies I wandered downtown to the water.

Houlton 4
I was amused by every kid in the front row wearing jeans and sneakers.

Houlton 5
An excited audience member at the 4th – 6th grade assembly

Houlton 6
The start of the annual teachers’ rendition of “Twelve Days of Christmas”; can you be taken as seriously with antlers on your head?