Madeline is 9 months old! Well, more than 9 months now, as I’m rather behind on my blogging.

Such a beauty!

A look of determination

This one makes me laugh

As does this one


Caroline at 9 months!

We’ve done shots in this same location ever since she was a newborn. Though now she likes to flip over and move around much more!

She has a great butterfly mirror in her room that I wanted to use

Portland OR

Last month Neal and I took a trip out to the northwest to explore. First stop was Portland OR!

Wandering around downtown

We made a stop in to see my cousins, 3 of the 4 of whom I had never met! Here’s little Soren playing with the running water, a favorite activity of his.

Lane and Soren

Oliver demonstrating skills from his circus class.


Friendly fuzzy kitty…

I’m not sure why, but this sign amused me.

Jen, James, and Piper

A few family photos of one of my oldest friend, Jen, with her husband and little daughter. This was the first time I was able to meet Piper, and what a little cutie she is!


Ceres is six months old! I had a good time playing with her, hanging out with her mom, Liza, and bugging the cats.

I love her expression here… so serious!

She found my hand very tasty

I love the laughter!

kitty break!

kitty break #2!

Flying baby!


Another super cute 6 month old!

Flying baby!


Caroline is 6 months old! And cute as ever.

It’s become tradition to photograph her on this changing table with the cute lamp. Even though they’re now in a new house, the wall color is similar to their last house so it fits in perfectly.

So I had this great idea of having mom and dad hold Caroline’s hands while she stands up on the edge of the sofa. The idea failed miserably, but I was laughing during our attempts and was quite amused by the results.


Little Ceres at 3 months!

Not to worry, she’s in no danger!

It’s fun to play with family pets


Little Maddie is now 3 months!

baby Caroline

Caroline has returned!

Such a happy baby!

I love this expression she’s giving me

Squish the baby!