Ceres is six months old! I had a good time playing with her, hanging out with her mom, Liza, and bugging the cats.

I love her expression here… so serious!

She found my hand very tasty

I love the laughter!

kitty break!

kitty break #2!

Flying baby!

Family summer fun

Last month my dad and all his brothers were in town for my uncle’s grand birthday celebration. It’s always a fun time when everyone gets together!

Every time all the brothers gather, they recreate a photo that was taken of them as kids. If one of them is absent, they simply use a broom or zucchini or something as a stand-in for the missing brother.

We took a trip down to Millennium Park

cousin Seamus!

A little playtime in the park with Vandhana and her sweet dog, Shivani

Careful of that beard, Mark

Violet is done for the afternoon

Seamus is fascinated by the iPhone, especially the bubble wrap app that dad had installed

Kitty time!

Gucci and Fussel

Kitty time!

Final Syracuse images

The rest of the Syracuse batch! My random finds throughout the weekend.

Interesting doors at night

Some lit-up tree branches

My brother at the local Starbucks

Janna’s cat, Mango

Cool stairwell leading up to Janna’s room




I met up with John in Wicker Park at a fabulous loft where he was house/cat sitting for the weekend. I loved this place!

I loved the shapes of this fan I shot through

We called this his album cover shot

He was cracking me up with his raising one eyebrow talent

And of course, the kitty he was sitting. She was very sweet until she decided she was done being affectionate, at which point she bit me. That’s what I get for playing with her while she was trying to nap.

Mehndi Party

My friend KC hosted a Mehndi party last month where all got to try painting henna on each other.

Some of us tried painting on ourselves

Here’s KC decorating a foot

A finished design!

Here’s mine! KC did all the decorations on my hand. I painted a design on my wrist, but it wasn’t nearly as pretty as KC’s.

KC’s dog, Petra, wasn’t quite sure what to make of all these new people around.

Enjoying some down time with KC and her roommate, Priya.

Ron and Lisa: the animals

Ron and Lisa have two very sweet pets: Prissy the cat and Lola the dog.

Lola loves to play! We had her outside running around in the snow.

Playing the jumping game with Ron

Waiting to come inside and join her friends


I loved how she blended in with the colors of their staircase

Playtime with Prissy!

We also went to visit one of Ron and Lisa’s friends who had two very sweet kitties

New decorations

I was so excited to come home to a present from UPS: my new canvas gallery wraps! I wanted to showcase more of my animal images, and I just love the look of these gallery wraps. These four are each 16″ square, and they fit perfectly on my bathroom wall! One of my favorite things about these gallery wraps is that they come ready to hang; no framing necessary!

A close up of the side of another wrap

Another one hanging in my living room

Christmas in Maine

I had a wonderful visit with my family back in Maine. Here’s a rather random collection of my time there.

Ivan was so kind to settle down in some lovely light

and then settle in Janna’s lap

Christmas morning… we decided mom needed some dogs to help wake her up. She obviously agreed.

So we brought all three!

My sisters and I made Christmas brunch, and here is Janna’s beautiful fruit plate creation

The day after Christmas we had a dinner for 11, and Janna and her boyfriend had fun making creative appetizers

Lobster dinner! Yum.

Ivan… no!

Mom’s sweet horse Sinna

Horsey butt!

Dad helping mom prepare Sinna for some driving on the road

Sinna and mom!

My brother made his girlfriend lots of origami creations for Christmas

California Trip

After my Hawai’i trip, my parents and I flew to San Francisco together to extend our vacation.

We stayed with my parents’ friends in San Anselmo, and I adored their sweet dog

I had never been to the redwood forests, so I threw mom in the photo for some scale on this giant tree stump

some lovely seaweed

we visited a few horse ranches

a rather foggy day in San Francisco

the seals!

sfmoma (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

this amused me