Chicago Baby Portraits of Bennett, Fiona, and Joshua

I was so happy to see two of my friends (and fellow photographers) Shay and Deanna during my quick trip to Chicago last weekend, and to be able to hang out with their kids!

Cute Bennett with Shay
chicago baby portraits

chicago baby portraits

chicago baby portraits

Joshua giving me a serious look
chicago baby portraits

Fiona enjoying her sippy cup
chicago baby portraits


  1. Emily,
    These photos are darling! Just wonderful how you captured their expressions. So fresh and real.

  2. Emily, I agree with Susan; these are so genuine and lovely! Do you have special tricks that you use to catch the child’s attention? Children (and animals) can be so challenging!

  3. Thanks Ellen! I often make animal noises to keep the kids’ attention. A seal bark will usually make them laugh. :)

  4. Emily, your photos look so natural and fun. I have 2 young boys at home and I can’t capture the “fun” like you can. Great job!

  5. These are great! It’s so tough to get kids sometimes – but I love the energy and freshness in these photos.