Jen and Mike’s engagement

Just before I moved to NYC I spent a beautiful morning with Jen and Mike in downtown Chicago for their engagement portrait session.

I saw this bike rack and thought it would be cute to have them sit in it, not realizing exactly how super tiny each opening was. So this is them attempting to squeeze themselves in. Thanks for playing along!


Awesome dinosaur sculpture in Millennium Park

Carolyn and Jack’s engagement

I got to play in Union Station and outside downtown last week for Carolyn and Jack’s engagement session. I loved it!


I adored their little nose squish

Sara and Ryan’s engagement

I spent a great fall afternoon with this cute couple!

I enjoy making my couples climb things… don’t worry: he’s climbing up, not falling down here

to get here!

Ashlee and Kevin’s engagement

Ashlee and Kevin were lots of fun to work with; we wandered around Michigan Ave for a bit just playing and laughing.

Emily and Jeff’s engagement

I had a blast with these two! We explored Michigan Ave and surrounding areas on a super hot and humid afternoon.

I knew it would be an awesome session when I was getting shots like this in just the first couple of minutes!

Rosalyn and John’s engagement

I had a wonderful evening wandering downtown with John and Roz for their engagement session. Can’t wait for the wedding!

We met at the University Club and played in the library there for a bit.

A little trip to the garden by the Art Institute

I asked them up hop up between the trees, not realizing that there were thorns there. Sorry guys 🙂 They were great sports!

And the actual shot I was going for

One of my favorites views downtown

There’s something about the smiles and simplicity of this shot that I really love

Jill and Lou’s engagement

I strolled the streets of downtown Chicago with Jill and Lou over the weekend; it was so beautiful out! They were so comfortable in front of the camera (or at least appeared so!); laughter was a constant state for them.

I love having my couples dip! I kept telling them it’s great practice for their first dance.

“Can you guys go squeeze into that small space together?” “Sure! No problem!”

Jill and Andrew's engagement

I met up with Jill and Andrew at the Harold Washington Library downtown. I’ve always loved that building and thought it would be fun to play in (quietly, of course).

We explored downtown for a bit after finishing up at the library.

Jessamyn and Michael's engagement

I spent a lovely afternoon with Jessamyn and Michael for their engagement session. I do most of my sessions in the warm weather outside, so I love the challenge of shooting all indoors when the weather is not quite as forgiving.

We started at the Cultural Center downtown. I love these lights on the floor.

They’re very cute together and really didn’t need any direction from me.

A little walk outside

We next hit up the lobby of Hotel Allegro. There are so many fabulous places there.

Thanks for a fabulous afternoon, Jessamyn and Michael!

KC and Feanil's engagement celebration

KC and Feanil had a fabulous engagement ceremony and party! Lots of color, lots of people, and lots of glitter and sparkle. KC has been writing about her experiences of marrying into an Indian family for the past few months, which is quite an interesting read: Bahu Boot Camp; Intercultural Wedding Adventures

I loved all the details of KC’s outfit and jewelry.

They’re so cute together!

These hearts had been painted on the pavement just outside the location, and they requested a shot with them.

A moment during the ceremony: KC and her parents’ hands

rice being given to KC

Just after the rings exchange

There were many cute little kids at the party

Dancing time!

These guys were lifting Feanil’s mom up on their shoulders

So much color and movement! I loved it.

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