A New Train Set and Bagels

Families will often ask me for ideas on what they should do for documentary in-home sessions, especially if the weather outside is gross (as it was this particular day). I love seeing everyone interacting, so games and toys are a natural activity to bring out fun family moments. This mom and dad had just purchased a new train set for their toddler, so they waited until I arrived to present it to her.

She wasn’t quite sure what her mom was doing at first as the train set box was being opened.

And she definitely didn’t know what I was doing there in her living room (very soon after, she forgot about me).

Little moments between family members like this are what I love about these sessions.

Sometimes it’s not the children who find the most joy out of a new toy for the house.

Breakfast time! Mom gives her a ponytail every morning to avoid having to clean cream cheese from her hair (a wise move).

She was very kind and offered a few bits of (pre-chewed) bagel to me. Mmmmm…


It’s nice to share with mom, too.

Some table entertainment from dad is always welcome.

I always approve of family music time.

Helping mom put on makeup

She was ready to go running off the edge of the bed. Luckily, mom and dad are quick.

I love teeth-brushing photos. Lots of toddlers love this time, so I get great expressions (and even if they don’t – screaming photos can be just as fun). I also love the challenge of shooting in NYC bathrooms – for this one I had to sit on the toilet to get myself out of the mirror.

She insisted on walking me to the elevator as I left, and of course the doll in the stroller had to come along. I love send-offs like this.