Seven dogs at Thanksgiving

A dedication post… today I received the sad news that one of my family’s beloved shelties is no longer with us.  Sweet Skye was almost 15 and had lived a very happy life with my family for the past 3.5 years.  So in honor of Skye I present the most recent shoot I had done of her.

Thanksgiving was a crazy and fabulous celebration with 12 humans and 7 dogs.  My sister Becca and her fiancé hosted, and luckily they have a great fenced in backyard, so we often just let all the canines out to run around and play.

A quiet moment with Baxter

maine dog baxter

Kyle was often found either under or on top of a dog

berwick maine dog couch

Mom and Dad had recently adopted Iszy and requested a few portraits to send on to the shelter. He seemed to be tolerating this rather well.

berwick maine dog sheltie

Mom and Dad with all their dogs: Marggie on the left, Skye with Mom, and Iszy with Dad

berwick maine dogs sheltie collie

So I had this grand idea to get a sort-of formal photo of all seven dogs with no humans in sight. I had people gather all the canines, hold them in place, then instructed all humans to run out of the photo as quickly as possible on my count. My hope was that the dogs would stay put for a split second, enough time for me to capture the portrait.

berwick maine dogs collie sheltie portrait seven

Naturally, that is not at all what happened… but the results were great anyway!

(in case you’re not seeing anything, this is an animated gif and may take a bit to load)

exploding dogs

Poor little Skye wasn’t able to jump off the platform like all her younger friends. It was a long jump down for a little dog

berwick maine dog sheltie

Dad took video of my grand attempt, which everyone loved watching

laughing laughter laugh family maine

Rest in peace, sweet Skye… you shall be sorely missed.

man holding sheltie berwick maine




  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the doggie passing. It’s heartbreaking to lose any member of the family, no matter how many legs he or she may have.