Top Secret Mission! Part 2

The mission can be revealed! About two weeks ago Neal and I boarded a plane to Buffalo to meet up with Eddy and Nicci, who where to be secretly married that day! Neal became ordained to be able to marry them (he likes to say that he now has a new super power), and I was the photographer for the day. We were sworn to secrecy until they could let their families know.

Neal helping Nicci tie her skirt together in the beautiful parking garage (who says you need a fancy hotel to get ready in?)

Loved the tie!

Nicci’s charms

The light was great in the parking garage, so we stuck around there for a little portrait session

All smiles all day!

Once we finished the portrait session, we headed over to the Maid of the Mist boat ride in Niagara Falls for the ceremony.

Brother Neal!

We all opted out of the ponchos they gave us for the boat tour, though I did use mine to protect my camera lens.

Husband and wife!

We understood quickly why the boat was called Maid of the Mist; we were all pretty soaked by the end.

I couldn’t let the day go by without a trendy poncho photo. That’s style, ladies and gentlemen.

Neal attempted to conduct a unity candle lighting on the boat, but strangely enough a windy and wet boat ride is not quite conducive to fire. Opting for plan b, we finished that part of the ceremony back in our parking garage. It was still a bit windy there, so it took some work for the candle to light. Eddy and Nicci said that was symbolic of a marriage needing hard work to succeed. I liked it 🙂

Congrats you two! Thanks so much for having us be part of your fabulous day!




  1. such a cute and fun wedding! great photos, emily 🙂

  2. How cool is that? Loved everything about that wedding~ what a cool way to start out on a new path together! Congrats to the lucky Mr and Mrs!