Casie and Luigi’s wedding

I had so much fun with Casie and Luigi! They had a very laid back wedding with a small number of family and friends.

The wedding and reception was held at Unity Temple in Oak Park, a beautiful Frank Lloyk Wright church. I loved making use of the architecture for the images.

Luigi on his way to see his beautiful bride! One of my favorite parts of this image is Casie’s friend Alicia peeking her head out behind the wall to watch the interaction. So cute!

Looks like Casie was happy too!

They braved the cold winter evening for a bit

These two were so fun and easy to photograph! Also note the lovely use of lights here. The church was under construction, and there were cloths up all over the place. But they made the most of it here with the extra decorations.

Such joy! I love it!

I was having lots of fun with lines with this one.

Casie’s expression cracks me up here.

Fun with flowers and video lights!

Casie with her sweet little nephew

These two boys loved the water cooler cups in the reception room.





  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a goddess … and not just because you said I was cute.-Alicia