About the Shoot

They’re growing up fast, aren’t they? Each year seems to go by in a blink of an eye… weren’t they just born yesterday?!

There are probably thousands of photos on your phone and computer – it’s fantastic for sharing on Facebook and sending quick emails. How often do you go back through photos from years past to reminisce? How easy is it to find these images for a trip down memory lane? How many are you IN? Let me help you create heirlooms that will remind you of all the love that surrounds your family.

There are two different types of sessions I offer my families: Guided Portraits and Real Life Chaos. The first thing we’ll do is jump on the phone to discuss what is best for your family.

With guided portraits I’ll do slight directing with your family to get everyone in the best spots, lead you in poses, and tell you what directions to look. Your job is to simply relax, enjoy your family, and be in the moment. I love to keep everyone moving and active, and I promise you won’t become stiff in one spot. Make sure to tell me if you have favorite places in your home or outdoors so we can visit those locations, but having no preference is perfectly fine too. I love to explore and find interesting spots on the fly.

Real life chaos is pure documentary photography. I want to capture your everyday life, with no input from me. All the little routines and moments that make your crew unique – there’s magic in the mundane. When we work together, I can join you one morning to photograph your routine as you get the kids and yourself ready for the day, your bedtime routine with books and songs, or a walk to your favorite bakery with the whole family.  Embrace the chaos! This is not about perfection or fairy tale worlds. I want you to look back on these precious glimpses in the coming years and be reminded of the love that surrounds your family.

Do you want a bit of both style? Of course! Let’s talk and we’ll find out what is best for your family.